Grain (Silo) Bags

  • The Silo Bag is a laminated mix of three layers of PE (polyethelene). The first two layers act as a UV filter. The third layer is black and is designed to keep out the sunlight. The bags are designed to stretch to a maximum of 10%. This is measured during filling and must be observed to prevent overfilling of the bag.
  • The bag has a life of up to two years in the open.
  • The bag is sealed, storing the grain in an airtight environment, preventing the development and reproduction of fungus and insects. This environment can eliminate the need for chemicals.
  • The Silo BAg is filled by a specially designed bag-filling machine that can be filled from the header or chaser bin or similar types of machinery.
  • The loading capacity of the filling machine is around 250 tonnes per hour, depending on the grain type.


  • 2.75m x 60m, Capacity aprox. 220 tonnes of Wheat (9ft x 200ft) - 250µ
  • 2.75m x 75m, Capacity aprox. 275 tonnes of Wheat (9ft x 240ft) - 250µ
  • 2.75m x 60m, Capacity aprox. 180 tonnes of Barley (9ft x 200ft) - 250µ




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